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The Founders Peak

A global platform for entrepreneurial wisdom 


A platform for global entrepreneurial wisdom.  An initiative is designed to celebrate Founders and their journey and experiences - a cathartic experience in which speakers have the opportunity to share a purposeful story with the world and one that we hope will inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs, leaders and society at large.  



Globally, about 90% of startups fail. Despite the fact that they are the engine of economic growth. They are the source of new jobs, new products, and new services. They drive innovation and create wealth.The Founders Peak aims to improve startup success rates.

Plus, who doesn’t love stories that inspire? Stories of grit and determination, perseverance and achieving or failing fast and learning. 



Exceptional founders from around the world share untold stories from their unique journeys to inspire and inform entrepreneurs with usable insights, in a TED-style talk.

  • Aspirational solo stage
  • Short, impactful TED-style talks
  • Talks released digitally globally
  • Warm, informal and private
  • Hand-picked inspiring founders
  • Sharing of exceptional journeys over 2 soulful days
  • 2-hour Masterclass by the Head Curators of the TEDx Singapore
A place to drive financial inclusion globally A multi-disciplinary global event fostering conversations on Inclusive and Sustainable FinTech with a primary focus on Global South, stretching from Asia to Africa and LatAm.
A place where the public and private sector converges An in-person gathering of global leaders, regulators, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss and shape financial inclusion best practices and solve preeminent issues within the inclusive FinTech space.
Engage with the global FinTech community Promote technology and policy conversations which enable FinTech development to become equitable, accessible, and sustainable for everybody in the world.

The Founders Peak™ unique and modern stage where exceptional startup founders from around the world boldly share pivotal moments and untold stories from their entrepreneurial journeys, that have shaped who they are. 

A TED-inspired, global and powerful platform increasingly recognised for its distinctive value to start-ups. Over the last 18 months, the stage has travelled from Singapore to Rwanda to Tokyo to Ghana to Zurich to Copenhagen, and has now hosted a carefully selected cohort of 250 start-up founders, who have a combined valuation of over $100Bn and have raised $25Bn. 

What sets The Founders Peak apart: 

  • Aspirational, warm, solo stage  
  • Elevandi's only sector agnostic stage 
  • Short, impactful TED-style talks  
  • Talks are released digitally globally  
  • Hand-picked inspiring founders  
  • Trained by Head Curators of TEDxSingapore  
  • Aimed at improving global start-up success rates 


The Founders Peak™ stage returns to Kigali on 27 August as part of Founders Day the Inclusive FinTech Forum.