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A place to drive financial inclusion globally A multi-disciplinary global event fostering conversations on Inclusive and Sustainable FinTech with a primary focus on Global South, stretching from Asia to Africa and LatAm.
A place where the public and private sector converges An in-person gathering of global leaders, regulators, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss and shape financial inclusion best practices and solve preeminent issues within the inclusive FinTech space.
Engage with the global FinTech community Promote technology and policy conversations which enable FinTech development to become equitable, accessible, and sustainable for everybody in the world.

The Inclusive FinTech Forum is the global platform on Financial Inclusion and FinTech for Good.

The Inclusive FinTech Forum is a unique collaboration between Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC), Rwanda’s financial centre facilitating international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa, the National Bank of Rwanda; Rwanda's Central Bank, and Elevandi, a company set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to advance FinTech in the digital economy.

Our Purpose

The Forum brings leaders, investors & FinTechs together to participate in impactful dialogues & meetings that will advance policies & regulations as well as create meaningful long-term connections & partnerships to advance financial inclusion through FinTech for Good.

Forum Stage

Keynotes and panels by heads of state, regulators, industry leaders & entrepreneurs


Elevandi Insights Forum™

Deep dive roundtables to generate insights and drive actionable outcomes


The Founders Peak™

10-min TED-style talks by Founders on their entrepreneurial journey


Knowledge Dialogue Stage

Deep dive sessions anchored around our six spotlight topics


The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue™

Insights on FinTech regulation and capital allocation between policymakers, regulators and investors


The Exhibition

Featuring the latest solutions for inclusive FinTech


Kigali International Financial Centre
Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC) is a financial centre facilitating international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa. With FinTech identified as one of the niche areas for attracting investments, KIFC spearheads an innovation-friendly regulatory environment to attract investment funds and venture capital, driving Africa’s already fast-growing financial technology sector.

National Bank of Rwanda
Established in 1964, the National Bank of Rwanda is Rwanda’s Central Bank mandated to ensure price stability and a sound financial system. Price stability is achieved by conducting appropriate monetary policy in the interest of a stable macroeconomic environment, while financial stability is achieved by regulating and supervising the financial system. The Bank’s role has however evolved to include financial inclusion, consumer protection and climate change.

Elevandi is a not-for-profit organisation that engages with leaders from government, businesses, academia, and civil society to foster international collaborations with our members on innovation, application and adoption of technology.
Elevandi’s initiatives have convened over 420,000 people since 2016 through events, closed-door roundtables, investor programmes, educational initiatives, and research. ​​SFF is the organisation’s flagship product; other known platforms under its wing include the Point Zero Forum, Elevandi Insights, Japan FinTech Festival, Global Financial Infrastructure Forum, Inclusive FinTech Forum, 3i Africa, The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue and The Founders Peak with many more coming soon. The focus of these platforms is to connect the world for impactful innovation. 

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