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The Inclusive FinTech Forum and its impact

The Forum brings together key players in the financial sector to discuss and explore ways to promote financial inclusion through technology. The initiative exists to address the challenges of financial exclusion, which affects millions of people worldwide, particularly in developing countries.

According to the World Bank, about 1.7 billion adults worldwide do not have access to formal financial services. This lack of access to basic financial services such as savings accounts, credit, and insurance can limit economic opportunities and hinder social mobility. The Inclusive Fintech Forum aims to address this issue by promoting innovation and collaboration among stakeholders in the financial sector.

The Forum, taking place 20-22 June 2023 at the Kigali Convention Centre, will feature a range of informative sessions covering solutions to address financial inclusion, the development of digital public goods, digital payments, and lending, insurance and pensions, capital markets, ESG financing, policy makers' role in fostering digital inclusion, and modelling for inclusive policy-making. These sessions will provide attendees with practical insights into how they can promote financial inclusion through technology.

Keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions will explore various topics related to inclusive FinTech, some of the key speakers, include:
H.E. Paul Kagame, Inez Murray, Irene Arias Hofman, Mansa Nettey, Paula Ingabire, Ravi Menon, Robert Ochola, Tidjane Thiam and Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli.

The attendees of the Inclusive FinTech Forum are a mix of policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, academics, and representatives from non-governmental organisations. The diversity of attendees reflects the broad range of stakeholders involved in promoting financial inclusion through technology.

The desired outcomes and impact that the initiative will deliver include increased awareness about the importance of financial inclusion and how technology can actively be used today to achieve it. The Forum also aims to foster collaboration among stakeholders in the financial sector by providing a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing.

Attending the Inclusive FinTech Forum is beneficial for anyone interested in implementing financial inclusion through available technology. Policymakers can learn about best practices for creating an enabling environment for fintech innovation while investors can discover new opportunities in emerging markets. Entrepreneurs can gain insights into how they can leverage readily available solutions to reach underserved populations while academics can learn about cutting-edge use cases in the field of inclusive fintech.

In conclusion, the Inclusive Fintech Forum is an important initiative that has the potential to make a significant impact on promoting financial inclusion and reducing poverty around the world.